Performance Mods for the Nissan Leaf

Contrary to popular belief, owners of the Nissan Leaf are not all tree-huggers. In fact, many owners of the world’s best-selling electric vehicle are more likely to wear Piloti driving shoes than Birkenstocks—and are keen to mod their Leaf for better performance and cooler looks. Thanks to the platform that the Leaf shares with several other Nissan vehicles, it’s easy to enhance aerodynamics, braking, suspension, and lighting. Here are a few DIY’s that any EV-Gearhead can accomplish. Continue reading “Performance Mods for the Nissan Leaf”

A Feast of Ferraris Were On Display at 2017 Monterey Car Week

Ferrari enthusiasts gathered last month at the 2017 Monterey Car Week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company’s founding. A mind-boggling assortment of extraordinary vintage Ferraris could be seen nearly everywhere we turned at the week’s events—at the Quail Gathering, Concorso Italiano, Pebble Beach, and on just about any road in Monterey. Continue reading “A Feast of Ferraris Were On Display at 2017 Monterey Car Week”

LED Headlight Upgrades: A Brighter Idea

One of the easiest automotive upgrades you can do is to upgrade your headlights with brighter and more modern light bulbs.  Over the years, lighting technology has been steadily improving, starting with brighter halogen bulbs, and then HID Xenon bulbs. These bulbs were brighter but had drawbacks from poor color temperature, poor beam pattern, or a need to do significant rewiring of the headlight enclosure. Continue reading “LED Headlight Upgrades: A Brighter Idea”

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