American 1960s Dream Cars Celebrated at Pebble Beach

The 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which took place on Aug. 26, paid tribute to post-war automotive design with this year’s special class: “American Dream Cars of the 1960s.” Car design in the US made revolutionary advances after World War Two. The big and bulky forms of the pre-war period were replaced by sleek shapes, highly influenced by jets and rockets—and in some cases prompted by a desire to revive European specialty marques. It was a period of optimism, high concepts, and big dreams. Continue reading “American 1960s Dream Cars Celebrated at Pebble Beach”

Rare AMX/3 Muscle Car Gets Respect in Pebble Beach

Earlier this year, we sang the praises of the AMC AMX as a classic car on the rise. The model was noteworthy because its prices are still accessible to everyday collectors of both sports cars and muscle machines. However, that scenario could change now that an AMX/3 took top honors in the Bizzarrini class at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours earlier this month. Continue reading “Rare AMX/3 Muscle Car Gets Respect in Pebble Beach”

The Supercar Turns 50, Thanks to Lamborghini

In 1963, a tractor manufacturer named Ferruccio Lamborghini decided that he wanted to make cars. He had been frustrated with a Ferrari he had purchased, which led to a brouhaha with the owner of Ferrari—who insulted Signore Lamborhini and told him to stick to manufacturing tractors. Lamborghini took revenge by creating the luxurious 350 GT, the company’s first production vehicle. Continue reading “The Supercar Turns 50, Thanks to Lamborghini”

Jägermeister Porsche 962C Wows Crowd at Rennsport Reunion V

In August 2015, Porsche Cars North America hosted the Rennsport Reunion V event at the Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, Calif. The Rennsport is the preeminent showcase of classic racing models from Porsche’s long history. At this year’s Rennsport Reunion, a crowd of about 57,000 Porsche enthusiasts was treated to more than 350 vintage Porsche race cars, including the bright orange Jägermeister Porsche 962C -117. Continue reading “Jägermeister Porsche 962C Wows Crowd at Rennsport Reunion V”

Legendary Old Yeller II Returns to Rolex Motorsports Reunion

The somewhat crude surface of Old Yeller II belies its brilliant fundamental layout, chassis, and engine design. That’s how Old Yeller II was able to successfully compete against more sophisticated Ferraris, Jaguars, and Porsches of its day. Old Yeller II competed in 1960s in all the major California race events in Pomona, Riverside, Santa Maria, and Laguna Seca. Continue reading “Legendary Old Yeller II Returns to Rolex Motorsports Reunion”

Texans Restore One-of-a-Kind Thomassima II Italian Supercar

Continue reading “Texans Restore One-of-a-Kind Thomassima II Italian Supercar”

My Adventure in the New Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce

Continue reading “My Adventure in the New Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce”

DIY: 2018 Nissan LEAF Horn Upgrade

The wimpy “City” horn from the first-generation LEAF carries over to the second-generation car, and the desire to upgrade it is just as strong.

For the ’18 car the position of the horn has changed from being in front of the radiator to down on the front lower right side of the body bulkhead.  The area that the horn is in now is very tight, and access to the stock horn bracket is just about impossible without removing the front bumper cover. Continue reading “DIY: 2018 Nissan LEAF Horn Upgrade”

Nissan LEAF Winter Wiper Tuneup

The winter wet season is upon us again, and now is the time to tune-up the windshield wipers on your LEAF for optimum performance.  The job of your wipers is to essentially squeegee off the rain, snow, dirt, grime, bugs, bird droppings, etc. that accumulate on your windshield.  While the majority of this stuff gets wiped and then blown off of your car, a good amount of it can simply get stuck to the wiper, which can cause the blades to smear, skip, and be less than effective in providing a clear clean windshield.  Over time, a wiper blade will start to wear and the wiping blade will separate from the wiper body, making the wiper even more ineffective. Continue reading “Nissan LEAF Winter Wiper Tuneup”

DIY: LEAF Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The great thing about the Nissan LEAF is the minimal amount of maintenance that is required to keep the car running in tip-top shape.  One of the “Major” maintenance items for the LEAF is the annual or 15,000 mile replacement of the cabin air filter.

This DIY is applicable to 2011 through 2018 LEAFs.  The HVAC system on the LEAF is shared with other Nissan vehicles that use the same “B-Platform”  There are close to 12 vehicles world-wide that are based on this chassis.

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